Surviving Hemorrhoids – How I did it, found the hemorrhoid cure and became free

I have spent most of my adult life suffering from hemorrhoid pain. If you have experienced it then you know the kind of agony I was in. It made my world smaller and my outlook on life darker. I tried just about everything anybody suggested as a cure for hemorrhoids and if I was lucky, I managed to get some relief from hemorrhoid symptoms for a few months but then they always came back.

Finally, I found something that worked for me. I am writing this because maybe some of what I did will work for you. As someone who used to suffer from them, I understand what it is like and how frustrating it is to try and find a treatment that works. One of the worst parts of it all was realizing that I was putting all my faith and money into products that promised a cure that were absolutely useless.

It is shameful how some people just take advantages of others in pain. Writing this is my way of both helping someone else and fighting back against those who would take advantage of someone when they are down.

What my life was like then

hemorrhoid cure Surviving Hemorrhoids – How I did it, found the hemorrhoid cure and became freeFilled with pain. That pretty much sums up what my life was like with hemorrhoids. If I wasn’t dealing with the discomfort of being constipated or the embarrassment of diarrhea then I was in pain whenever I tried to go to the bathroom. Sometimes, the piles would get so big and awful it was painful to even wear clothes much less sit down. It made me feel like something was wrong with me beyond just having the constant pain.

The hemorrhoid symptoms were enough to start limiting what I was comfortable leaving the house to do (like sitting in a movie theater for a couple hours or going out on a date) but the constant pain and shame made me stop spending time with my girlfriends. I would worry that while in public that I would mess my pants (I hate to admit this, but my main hemorrhoid symptom was runny feces that I couldn’t control) or freak out about possibly one of my hemorrhoids bleeding and showing through my pants.

When I say my world got smaller and darker, it got very small and very dark. It’s like my whole life became about finding a hemorrhoid cure.

I tried a lot of things that didn’t work for me

I went to the doctor – a lot. He really wanted to help me get back my life, so we tried everything.  We did hemorrhoid banding. I did out-patient cryo-treatments (where they try to freeze them off), we tried medications and enemas and nothing worked.

In between doctor’s visits (my insurance wasn’t that great so the bills started to pile up) I decided to try to find some home remedies for them on the Internet (I didn’t find much at first, but that was because I was spelling it wrong – I was searching for hemroids treatment!!!).   I drank herbal teas, bathed myself in essential oils, swallowed supplement after supplement of things the USDA has never heard of and had parts of animals in it I never even knew existed.

I took so many baths in Epsom salts I am surprised I don’t crunch when I walk. The baths did help and help a lot to relive the hemorrhoid pain. I couldn’t do the bathtub type at first because just the idea of sitting down in a tub made me wince. A friend suggested I try a “sitz” bath instead. I had no idea what it was but my pharmacist was kind enough to explain it. It’s like a small bucket that fits onto the toilet seat so you can sit without putting any pressure on the area and it has attachments to let you gently flush the area with warm water. The warm water helps to bring the swelling down and is used as an external hemorrhoid treatment. Everything else though, didn’t really help much.

Finding Hope

hemorrhoid cure Surviving Hemorrhoids – How I did it, found the hemorrhoid cure and became freeWhat finally made all the difference was the sitz bath. Not the bath itself, but going back several times to the same pharmacy to get the Epsom salts to put in it. The pharmacist who had explained what the bath was and how it worked took the time to talk to me one day and explained what the cause of hemorrhoids was.

Now I knew from all my research on the internet (searching for hemroid symptoms – I never claimed I was the best speller…) and my many conversations with my doctor about “vascular swelling” and bowel strain technically what was going on,  but that pharmacist gave me a much simpler explanation: “You haven’t been taking care of your body right so it has to work too hard to do what should be easy.” It had never been suggested to me that there was something I had done that was the cause of the hemorrhoids and that there was something I could do to not only relieve the symptoms but to cure it once and for all.

The treatment and the hemorrhoid cure

It came down to creating new habits for myself. The pharmacist told me that the consistency of my bowels was dependent on two things – water and fiber. But that since I had such low levels of both, now I had created all sorts of other issues. What he recommended was to begin a regimen of increasing my daily water intake and eating more fruits and vegetables. Because I had develop such chronic problems with hemorrhoids that would not be enough – I had to find a good supplement to take that would provide me with the fiber I needed and vitamins I was missing until I had changed my lifestyle.

Making that kind of life style change would took a while (mostly because I was lazy and stuck in a rut) and it would also take months before my body had recovered enough to begin functioning properly.

I wanted results faster, and didn’t want to deal with the pain anymore, so I did some more research and printed out the information on a variety of products that fit the bill and showed them to my pharmacist. He preferred one called “Venapro” because it was the only one with a realistic treatment schedule and included topical sprays to treat the external hemorrhoids as well.

Venapro needs to be taken for 6 months on a regular basis to be effective but honestly; I felt a difference in 2 weeks. It made me hopeful enough that it became easier to remember to take the Venapro and use the spray.  I also liked it because I didn’t have to go hunting around for different products all the time, not that I am lazy, but even with all the problems and my desire to be free of pain – I just don’t have the time to shop in a million places.

What my life is like now

hemorrhoid cure Surviving Hemorrhoids – How I did it, found the hemorrhoid cure and became freeLike I said, after 2 or 3 weeks of drinking more water, watching what I ate and using the supplemental treatment as instructed I started feeling better in all ways. I really felt like I got my life back, and started coming out of my shell.

Suddenly I slept better, woke up feeling refreshed, and didn’t dread having to go to work (my boss actually commented on my new attitude and told me I’m next in line for a raise).

I started going out with my friends again, saw a movie that was still in theaters, and even found a new neighborhood bar that I LOVE going to after work.  I met a cute guy at the bar a couple weeks ago, who asked ME for my number (that would have never happened when I had the hemorrhoids-I always had this scowl on my face) and we are going on a date next week!

The important thing for you to take away from my story is that you do have control over this and you can stop suffering from hemorrhoid pain. Just find a way that will work for you to create new habits and jump-start your body back into working right. All it took for me was water, fiber and to speed things up, Venapro.  Try these things, along with a  commitment to being consistent, and you can have your life back.